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Prevent Restore

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How to purge contents of MFT table?

Our app "Prevent Restore" will do it for you in just few easy clicks. But note that you cannot delete all MFT because it also contains records about existing files. But don't worry, our app will gently select existing records and remove all those garbage that no longer needed. Cleaning of MFT table is a first and important step that our app does.

Where you can download this app?

From this web site! On the top of this page, under the title "Prevent Restore" click the link "Download".

What is Master File Table?

It's a system database that stores information about all your files, especially where they are physically located on the disk (exact block numbers). It also can store small files just right inside the database, without using disk space.

When files are deleted their records in the MFT table just marked as deleted, but still contain information about deleted file, numbers of blocks where it was located and, often, even content. MFT contains very private information, even after you have deleted it.

That's why it's very important to purge it on a regular basis.

How to purge contents of MFT table?
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