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Prevent Restore

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Why option to purge MFT table is important and always enabled?

Windows OS stores very small files (up to 1 Kb) directly in the Master File Table, not using free disk space. That's why we should also clean Master File Table if we want to succeed. If we don't do that - the whole process will be fake and useless, since all very small files will remain available for recovery.

We have decided to expressively show users that we clean Master File Table, by creating separate option in the app. User must be sure that we will do it. However, this option will be always enabled to prevent newbies to turn it off and get bad results.

Why even after emptying Recycle Bin deleted files still can be recovered?
Why option to purge MFT table is important and always enabled?
Why number of cycles of overwrite is important?
How this app can prevent recovery of deleted files?
How to purge contents of MFT table?
How to erase disk completely, without chance for recovery?

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