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Prevent Restore

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How this app can prevent recovery of deleted files?

Parts of content of deleted files (after emptying of Recycle Bin) reside on the disk everywhere, until will be overwritten by a newer data (new file). In other words, deleted data untouched in the disk's blocks, until new data will replace it.

There are only one way to physically destroy already deleted data (unless you ready to burn disk in fire) - overwrite deleted data by new random data.

First, our app will clean MFT table from records of deleted files and folders.

Then, our app will write in all blocks (which are not occupied with existing files) some temporary random data. Until there are will be no free space - thus all possible blocks will be occupied with a new random data. Of cause, after that, all these temporary data will be erased to free up disk space.

This simple process guarantees that contents of deleted data was replaced by random data, and no longer exists physically. Thus, it's impossible to recover anything.

The whole process is safe and do not effect existing files and folders.

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How this app can prevent recovery of deleted files?
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