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Secret Disk

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How the secret disk works?

Our application does not format or change your existing disk partitions. You don't have to format anything. Our app creates virtual disk on demand with one click of mouse, using Microsoft's techniques and standards. Physically, this disk does not exists at all, and Windows OS are temporary "sees" it until restart or shut down. Or until you click button "Close the disk" in our app.

However, any files you will store on this disk won't be deleted, even when the disk disappears.

Free space for the secret disk will be taken on demand from the system disk's free space. That's why you don't have to format anything to create secret disk. On another side, remember, if you will format system disk you will destroy content of secret disk too.

Secret disk is a disk for one user only. Unlike other disks, that can be browsed by all users of your PC, the secret disk can be browsed by only one user who made the disk.

You can limit access to the secret disk with a password. Please note that we do not encrypt files on the secret disk. We assume that you already have some kind of disk encryption enabled for the system disk (for example, BitLocker), and we don't want to do a double job (also parallel encryption can cause issues). If you don't have disk encryption already - you should consider to have one now.

How to hide application itself?
How the secret disk works?

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