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Secret Disk

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How to hide application itself?

In some cases you need to hide not just secret disk and all it's contents, but you would like to hide the application itself to prevent people from even guessing (getting a clue) that you have something to hide.

Please note that it's impossible to hide an app completely. But we already did a lot to protect your privacy.

By default, our apps installed into user folder (available for current user only), not to the program files folder (available for all users). Thus, other users of your computer won't know that you have our app installed, since it is not in common program files folder.

Our apps installed in to user's "LocalAppData" folder, which is not browsed by user in any regular scenarios. Only if you know that our app exists and you will search for it explicitly, then you will find it.

The only one thing is what you need to do is to remove shortcuts for our app from your Desktop and from the Windows menu. But wait... If all shortcuts will be removed, how do you launch our app? Take one shortcut from the Desktop and just move it to some other location on your PC, which only you know. You can even rename it. You will be able to launch our app from there.

After that, you can remove all other shortcuts (and Windows menu options) by clicking them with your mouse right button and selecting "Delete".

Please remember, that our app will popup a window on Windows OS startup in case of any updates will be available. This option cannot be disabled.

How the secret disk works?
How to hide application itself?

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