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Secret Disk

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Creates a secret disk

Our application creates a special disk on your computer which can be completely hidden. You don't have to re-format your existing disks or make any changes to your current configuration. A secret disk will appear and disappear with one click.

A secret disk is a special kind of disk and access to it can be protected with a password. It's a very good place to store your sensitive files and folders - a disk that appears and disappears in a second, plus, it is protected with a password. However, in some cases you don't need this extra protection, and you can disable this function and use the disk without a password.

If you accidentally turn off your computer (or in case of a power failure) the secret disk will be locked automatically. All files will be in safe until you open the disk again. While open, you can use the secret disk like any other normal disk. You can copy, move, and delete files. All other apps that you may have installed will support our secret disk as a normal disk.

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