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Prevent Restore

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Makes deleted unrecoverable

When you delete a file or folder (or empty the Recycle Bin) it's just marked as deleted and disappears from the list in Windows Explorer. But contents of deleted files still exist on the disk and can be easily restored for many years. You may have thousands of already deleted files on your PC, whose contents still reside on your disk. Think of how many files that had been "deleted" were still on all those external hard drives that you gave to someone?

There is just one (and, luckily, simple) solution to prevent recovery of already deleted files - by overwriting all free disk space where the content of deleted files is located with random data. Thus, the content of old files will be replaced by new information and the old stuff will go away forever.

Our application will do this for you in a few easy steps. It doesn't matter whether it is an internal disk or an external hard drive, such as a flash drive. Also, our app will remove deleted records in MFT. We implement many security algorithms to help you to achieve the highest level of privacy. Also, you can perform not just one, but several cycles of overwriting to make sure that the data has been erased completely.

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