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Scheduled updates

⭐ July 2024

For this month we have no schedule yet. We are preparing updates now, development is in progress. As soon as we will have estimated release date it will be published here. Usually, we release few updates per month.

History of previous releases

Release date App Version What's new
15 Jul 2024 Duplicate File Finder 2404 Bug fixes
15 Jul 2024 Wipe 2407 Bug fixes
11 Jul 2024 Prevent Restore 102 Visual improvements
06 Jul 2024 Clean Space 700 Initial release
11 May 2024 Secret Disk 301 Installation bug fix
29 Apr 2024 Secure Delete 201 Font size changes
19 Apr 2024 Prevent Restore 101 Light visual improvements
12 Apr 2024 Secret Disk 300 New release
03 Apr 2024 Secure Delete 200 Major update
28 Mar 2024 Prevent Restore 100 New special release

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