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About our company

It was year 2002. It was first small application "X-Eraser" which was published on a free hosting. App contained just 5 checkboxes and one button. As soon as it becomes clear that there are no competitors even to such simple app we went ahead.

First awesome app was released later in the same year. And then another and another. Several times we made re-branding our our apps and company (more app titles and domain names).

Business model of our products is a free software with some premium paid functions. More than half of our staff working remotely in many parts of the World.

20 years later we are keep doing our business with over 20 apps released since our first app. Our team is a group of talented people from Eastern Europe, India, Russia, Germany and Egypt. Credit cards processed by UK and USA offices.

For postal mail use the following address:

Clean Space LTD.
701 Cornell Drive, Unit F9 - P774517
Wilmington, DE, 19801

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