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Clean Space

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Deletes computer garbage

Protects privacy. Enhances computer performance. Cleans registry. This app is all-in-one solution to delete any sort of temporary files, logs, caches, cookies, autocomplete history and much more other garbage on your PC. By deleting all this electronic garbage our program makes your computer run faster and helps protect your privacy.

Windows OS and other apps that you have installed (Edge, Photos, Firefox, Chrome, etc.) always keep records on what you are doing to provide you with their own superior services. All these records are saved on your computer in the different zones, such as cookies, caches, logs, temp files and other... There are tonnes of these invisible locations on the hard drive of your computer. To control all these automatically we made our app - it quickly scans your computer looking for any possible garbage. And then, our app deletes it all with just one click.

In just few days, electronic garbage can fill more than 500 megabytes on your hard drive! And, for sure, 99% of it will never be used, its just stored "in case you will need it". What a waste of resources! Also, how many problems happened when someone else got access to your computer and discovered some secrets? We hear these stories every day! Our app will protect you from such cases by deleting all garbage and tracks that were collected and stored on your PC without your permission.

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