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Prevent Restore

Prevents recovery of already deleted data
When you delete a file (or empty the Recycling Bin) it's just marked as deleted and disappears from the Windows Explorer. But content from deleted files still exists on the disk and can be easily recovered even after many years. Our application will erase the content from already deleted files in a few easy steps. Recovery will be impossible.

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Secret Disk

Creates an additional password-protected secret disk
This app creates an additional disk on your computer without extra formatting. It's a special kind of disk, that can appear and disappear in your system with just one click. Access to this disk can be protected by a password which makes it very private storage for your files and folders. In case of power failure the disk locks and disappears automatically. While the disk is open you can use it as a normal disk, it supports all standard disk operations and is supported by all other apps.

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Secure Delete

Securely erases files, makes them unrecoverable
If you want to securely erase some private file so no one can recover it - this tool will help! No need to overwrite all free disk space. While the file exists - our app knows it's location on the disk and will erase only blocks occupied by the file. All strong security standards are supported.

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