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What is the difference between Secure Delete and Prevent Restore apps?

Both apps do the same function - they completely erase files making their data unrecoverable even by using special tools.

Main difference is the processing time.

Secure Delete processes only selected existing files and works quickly. On the other hand, Prevent Restore processes all free disk space against any possible already deleted data using much more time.

So, which one to choose?

Download and use both apps. But for different cases.
Case 1. If you have some files to delete and they are exists - use Secure Delete. It will be quick.
Case 2. If you worry about files which are already deleted and you don't know where they were located - use Prevent Restore. It will take more time.

Secure Delete

Erases existing (!) file without chance for recovery. Just open this app and drag and drop file for deletion onto it. The app will locate blocks on the disk which were occupied by the file and erases data completely.
PROS: works quickly just for selected existing files.
CONS: does not process data of other already deleted files.

Prevent Restore

Overwrites all free disk space making any already deleted data (files and folders) unrecoverable.
PROS: erases all already deleted data no matter when it was deleted, even files about which you don't know (cache, temp e.t.c.).
CONS: processing time can be up to a hour, depending on the amount of free disk space.

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